Is This An Artificial Construct On Mars??
An examination of MOC ancillary data for MOC Image M15-01228.
Eric C. Lausch's facts and data analysis of the "Oannes" effigy at Acidalia Planitia.
(An excellent tutorial in Mars imaging analysis for the layman.)
(Written in 2001)


Lowell's Legacy - Table of Contents

Part One - The Martian Obsession
An introduction to Mars observations.

Part Two - What Constitutes Proof?
Correlating early observations with current Mars geophysical data.

Part Three - Mars, Canvas of the Gods
An overview of intaglios, pictograms and effigies on Mars.

Part Four - Pareidolia and the Faces on Mars
If what you see is what you get - What do these images represent?

Part Five - MOC Image E04-00863
Crater streak and troughs at far far distal Ares Valles in Acidalia
Detailed examination of the "Glass Tunnels" system and adjacent large surface openings.
(Johnny Danger's Union Terminal and the Lowell tunnel complex)

Part Six - Lowell's canals -Acidalia Planitia
A tour of the numerous tunnels and surface structures in the region.
(Acidalia Planitia temple complex - a must see!)

Part Seven - MOC Image E0101630
Crater streaks in northeastern Chryse southeastern Acidalia
Tunnel system with multiple surface openings.
Local geomorphology or the result of intelligent intervention?

Part Eight - Acidalia Reimaged
A comparison of MOC images E21-01421, E20-00892 and M04-00291.
The "Glass Tunnels" reimaged.

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