Palermo Project Mars Exploration Rover

Rock Anomalies.

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Welcome to my MER Images Anomalies pages. These are collections of images which have interesting properties. Most are probably due to naturally occurring geologic processes, and consideration is also given that this is an alien planet, albeit still subject to the natural laws of geophysics. These images are presented with no alteration, if there is any, it is to lighten it for easier viewing. If any such changes have been made, the original image is referenced so that you can make your own observations. No attempt is made to alter, use photoshop filters (unless expressly noted) on these images. My interest is to point out the more interesting rocks. Also to exhaust all natural explanations, and those that cannot be so easily get a closer look from NASA. All mars images courtesy of NASA/JPL.

Efrain Palermo

Close up of rocks in MER image PIA04991.tif

Cartoony looking rock

Wet Area?

3 Hole Rock

Split rock, caused by freezing water? This may have been a recent occurrence.

Strange area near air bag ground disturbance.


A comparison of an algae mat tlambtv found at an algae mat site to the air bag disturbed area by the rover.

Square Hole Rock

Two rocks with geometric holes in them. Peculiar?

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