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Oddities and Anomalies. Page 7.

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Mobius Rock. JPL Image

A broken spherule. It has an outer layer, an inner part with a kernel or nucleus. JPL image.

This strengthens the idea that the spherules are of organic origin. Whether it's an ancient fossil or something alive now remains to be seen.

Fibers and possible seed pods from spirit rover Sol 50. Click on image for full size. JPL Image.

Unusual rock growth. Note the curlicues and the root like structures. JPL image.

From the same rock as the rock growth alien admonition:)

Square looking upright rock next to curved shape. I can't tell if they are attached.

JPL image.

Another rock with an apparent rectangular hole. JPL image.

Mars Tombstone to all fallen probes:) JPL Image.

Opportunity Micro Image showing three spheres growing together..or growing apart? There are natural geologic spheres that does this also, this is just a biological comparison.

Microimage at the spirit site, Sol 99, showing rod shapes on

the left and inside a rock crevice a comb-like feature and curlicues which look organic. See anaglyph on the right.

JPl Image.