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A colorized version I did. Click for full image.

JPL Image.


Palermo Project • Mars Exploration Rover

Rock Anomalies. Page 5.

Outcrop Images JPL Link

The image on the left has 'globules' attached to the rock, some are attached to steep slopes and though round, are not rolling off. Another example of the magic of volcanic action,or can these be fossils of ancient martian sea life?

Spheres makes this rock look like a face. Image forwarded by Arne Jerde

JPL image.

A prime example of the spheres sticking to the surface of a rock. Click for larger image.

JPL image.

From the same image above to the right, there's a ball nestled in the rock. This image brightened and enhanced to bring it out.

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Are the spheres being eroded out of the rock matrix, or is it growing on them? In the circled section above you can see an embedded sphere, and below that, one that is hanging upside down.

The upside down one looks like it's ready to 'pop'. either by erosion, or some other process.

JPL image.