Palermo Project • Mars Exploration Rover

Rock Anomalies. Page 6.

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Interesting pattern on lower left section of rock. Stereo image on right. Click here for JPL image.

An unusual opening in a rock at the spirit site.

Sol 29 - JPL Image

Blueness at the spirit site. Can there be a blue connection to the opportunity site? JPL image.

Air bag fiber found in martian soil.

JPL stated that the fibers found in some micro images are possibly, maybe, due to air bag debris. The above is a satirical piece. Efrain JPL source image.

Rod shapes embedded in rock. JPL image.


Stereogram of an unusual rock collection.

JPL Image.

Interesting feature casting a shadow.

JPL image.

This hollowed out object looks like an eroded metal. A rock would not be able to structurally hold itself together like this. JPL image.