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Rock Anomalies. Page 2.

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Another rectangular holed rock?

Shoe looking rock.

A 3D drawing having fun with the idea of the nature of the rectangular holed rocks. Click on image for larger size.

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Comparison of two rocks with angular cavities. Image on lower right found by Paul Anderson.

Rover Cartoon..Click for larger image

Locations of the two major squared holed rocks

Another of the countless strange looking rocks scattered around the rover Spirit site. Note the spiral shape.Click for larger image.

Original JPL image.

Is this a part of the lander or something else on the crater floor? The airbags landed intact and there appears to be no impact signatures. Opportunity image from Panoramic Camera -Sol 002

Click here to see full JPL Rover Image.


More images of the 'flower', Hopefully the Rover looks at it before it runs it over.

Another piece of debris? JPL Image

Organic looking feature forwarded to me by kungo.

Original JPL image.

Odd looking 'rock', forwarded to me by

Original image at JPL Rover Site

An obvious piece of lander debris.

a) It looks like a clamp and has blue plastic b) its a few incehes/feet from the lander and c) it's laying of top of dust recently disturbed by air bag retraction.

The original image anomaly that started out looking like a flower, on closer inspection had ears. That object has disappeared, maybe because it was a piece of lightweight fluff.. Here's a cartoon of what might have happened:)

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