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I uploaded a video to YouTube on how to build a solar projector

YouTube link

New YouTube video on my next generation Solar Projector 2.0 with pictures and video when I took it down to Portland's Waterfront Park.

Breaking News! - oops maybe not

NASA recently made news about finding water in the streaks of Mars. A subject covered in the seeps paper I presented with my colleague Jill England at the Mars Society Convention in 2001. Robert Zubrin cited my paper on CNN when asked to comment on NASA's announcement.

Read Red Pill Junkie's blog post on the Daily Grail and follow the water trail.

I also talked about it on The Grimerica Show podcast. mp3 extract from that podcast.


I was interviewed on the Science Channel show - 'NASA's Unexplained Files' 2015 -Season one; 'Life in Hell'.The 'Space Oddity' segment featured my research on the Phobos monolith. Look for it on the Discovery or Science channel.


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