Palermo's Phobos Anomalies

My discovery of the Phobos monolith was featured in a segment of the Discovery Channel's show 'Nasa's Unexplained Files,' Season 2 Episode 1, segment tiltled 'Space Oddity.'

Page 1 - The Discovery

Page 2 - A Physical Mock-Up of the Monolith

Page 3 - A Monolith or Pyramid?

Page 4 - Other Phobos Anomalies

Page 4a - Phobos Cuspids

Page 5 - Monolith as a Mooring Mast?

July 26 '09 Buzz Aldrin makes a comment about the Phobos Monolith...


The Martian Monolith is also mentioned in Mac Tonnies excellent book on Martian anomalies... 'After The Martian Apocalypse'

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