Page 1 - The Discovery

Page 2 - A physical mock-up of the monolith

Page 3 - A monolith or pyramid?

Page 4 - Other Phobos anomalies

Page 4a - Phobos' cuspids

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Palermo's Mars Anomaly Podcast


I had an appearance in the Science Channel series - 'NASA's Unexplained Files' 2015 season opener, 'Life in Hell.' The segment 'Space Oddity,' featured my work on the Phobos monolith.

The show is is now available on Amazon Prime and iTunes.The episode name is 'Life in Hell" and my segment is 'Space Oddity.'
Look for it on the Science or Discovery channel


I used the Phobos monolith in my latest novel 'Phobian Dreams'

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