Palermo's Phobos Anomalies

It is very easy to be tricked by light and shadows, as an artist one learns to manipulate a flat, 2D reality into a 3D illusion. As an artist and sculptor I like to see and feel in 3D. I felt that if I could recreate the Monolith in 3D and apply the same angle and lighting conditions, that I could bring out the intrinsic form and shape in question.

I created my 'diorama' on a shallow box covered with sand and small angular rocks which I then spray painted with a flat gray primer paint. I created the 'monolith' with a block of wood and set it at an angle that would approximate the Phobos monolith. I set the light (sun) at an approx. angle close to the sun angle in the MOC image. (See images at right).

Compare the diorama to the MOC image. It's close, enough to speculate that this is an artifact sticking up out of the surface.

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