Palermo's Phobos Anomalies

While studying the above Phobos image (a composite of sp255103 frames A through O) my eye caught something sticking up out of the surface (inside blue square), it was difficult to make out at the browser size so I downloaded it into Photoshop and zoomed into that area, and there it was, an apparent cylindrical shaped object casting a longish shadow and having a slanted roof.

See animation at right for zoom in close up.

I searched the net to see if anyone else had already seen this and to see what they thought about it, but my searches came up empty on this Phobos mystery. One of my searches however led me to Dr. Mark Carlotto who had done ground breaking imaging work on the Cydonia region.

At first he didn't think much of it but after continued correspondence on it and the realization that the sun angle was not low on the horizon (which would explain the elongated shadow) he conceded that there was something strange on Phobos. He referred me to Lan Fleming a NASA imaging specialist who has interest in Mars and other solar system anomalies. Lan looked at it and upon further examination and study concluded as did I, that this was a physical anomaly on the surface of Phobos.

The original NASA MOC image was distorted slightly due to how the camera operates, so the craters appeared 'oval'

The above image shows the image 'corrected' using the upper right crater as a benchmark, making it round which adjusted the entire image at the same time.

Even with this adjustment it is still a compelling feature.


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I used the Phobos monolith in my latest novel 'Phobian Dreams'