My next piece "Embryonic Dreams" is ready to get painted on. (click for larger image)


Sculpted Oils is an art form I developed which combines sculpture, oil painting and woodworking in a new and different way. The process begins with creating a curved frame by laminating thin strips of wood into an organic shape. Then I attach a back to the frame and fill it with plaster and carve out a relief sculpture. After that I apply gesso over the plaster and do an oil painting over the sculpted surface. This type of frame creates an organic flow which imparts kinetic energy to the sculpted oils.

Efrain Palermo

"Gravitational Waves"

"Untitled" (piece in progress.)

"Infinite Loops"

Painting in progress

Poured plaster for my next two-part piece "Mitosis"

Laminated wood frame detail

An earlier sculpted oil in a rectangular frame

Other Palermo Art....