My Solar Projector 2.0 in front of Portland TV station KGW8 for an interview on "Portland Today."


I built my first solar projector from construction materials I had on hand to view the Venus transit in 2012. I modified the projector a few years ago and gave it another upgrade before the 2017 solar eclipse. I posted YouTube videos on how to build my solar projector 2.0 and I created a page to show their attempts.

I'm designing my next upgrade for Solar Projector 3.0 that will feature innovations and improvements which will make this an even better astronomical instrument.

Solar Projector 2.0 T.V. interview

YouTube video for Solar Projector 2.0

Detailed plans for building the solar projector

Using the projector during the 2017 eclipse, Lincoln City, Oregon. Click for eclipse pics.

Solar Projector 2.0 builds from different people