I was able to be in the path of totality for the 2017 solar eclipse courtesy of my friend Matt who had rented a cabin right on the Siletz River just outside of Lincoln City, Oregon. On the morning of the event fog threatened to obscure the view but as the morning went on it cleared up just in time. However...as the sun darkened the sudden cold air brought the fog back over the river at the climax of the eclipse. Despite the conditions the eclipse was very visible as well as the corona, the only thing we missed were seeing the stars come out.

I took my Solar Projector 2.0 with me and got some great views as the moon swallowed the sun, but once the sun's light faded the projector lost image quality, which was okay because the total eclipse was a naked-eye viewing wonder!


Setting up the projector. (Note: Click any image to enlarge it)

The start of the eclipse.

Toward the end of the moon's transit.

A cool lens effect from the glare of the eclipsing sun. (Photo taken by Matt.)


At the moment of totality my friend Matt took this picture just as someone's flash went off on their camera (you can see the hand holding the camera on the far left of image.) Though the fog obscured the stars it added an other-wordly ambience and was a bit spooky, however the corona was visible through the top of the fog.


Gawking at the eclipse. (Note the sunny, clear sky before totality.)

The fog started to fade after totality

Solar Projector 3.0 is ready for the next eclipse!

Watching the moon slide away

Pictures taken by Alicia who joined us for the eclipse


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