A podcast show dedicated to Martian anomalies.

A look at past and current unexpalined images of Mars, interviews with various researchers and interested parties.


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Host Efrain Palermo, gives an introduction to The Mars Anomaly Podcast series.

Podcast Episode 1


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Podcast Episode 2: The Phobos Monolith

A look into a possible monolith on Mars' moon Phobos and other Phobos anomalies.

Show Notes

Phobos Monolith website

Lan Fleming's monolith analysis

Nasa webpage on Phobos

Russian Phobos 2 probe encounter

Another Phobos 2 link

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Podcast Episode 3: The Stains of Mars

Dust slides or water stains? What are these mysterious dark streaks of Mars? After looking through thousands of images from the Mars Global Surveyor, I found many images with dark streaks and evidence that these streaks may be water related.

Show Notes

Martian Stains Directory

Mars Seep Paper as presented in a Mars Society Convention at Stanford University.

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Music in this podcast, 'Brighton Beach' by Telepopmusik

Episode 4 Preamble to Episode 4

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