I have been working on a new roofing tile product for quite some time.. After spending many many years applying concrete tiles I used to think of ways to improve on this product in between bashing my fingers or loading a roof up a 3 story ladder. Besides thinking.."What the hell am I doing roofing??", I would design in my mind various roof tile configurations and ways to make it lightweight. I hit upon the idea of using crushed glass (as a recyclable product) with fiberglass resin. After some initial designs, I met a fellow whose business was helping investors bring their products to market. After some time however we parted ways mostly because I found that using fiberglass resins was too expensive and I was working on using ceramic clay instead. My partners did not want to go the route of ceramics, so we parted ways.

After many years of this sitting idle, I have reworked the idea and I am now currently (Feb, 2003) working on some viable prototypes.

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