Palermo's Martian Anomalies • A Study of MOC Flow Images

Lan Fleming had this to say about the flow image to the left...

"What I thought was remarkable about it is that some of the stains are _lighter_ than the background terrain. All the examples I've seen before range from jet black to light gray, but always darker than the background. As far as I know, black dust might blow away or be buried, but it won't change to white dust. This image suggests to me that there has been some sort of chemical reaction that has permanently changed the albedo of the terrain long after the original stain has faded away. I think only a liquid could do this.

"The color change might be primarily due to a mechanical change rather than a chemical reaction, as when dirt is turned to mud after it rains and then has a different texture after it dries out than it did before it was wetted. In either case, this is clearly not something that could be caused by dry dust. Jill England also noticed the lighter-than-background stains independently and mentioned them in an e-mail message she sent me." Lan.


"I went to the site again on my computer at work. This guy has done a great job of cataloguing these seep type images and put together a pretty darn good argument. I found the image you suggested we look at and I rotated it so that the bluff looks right and the seep features are issuing from the base of the escarpment. You can see what appear to be older seeps that have turned lighter gray colors. I cant help but believe that these are seeps of some kind of fluid. I would guess water but there may be something there we don't know about yet. I attached a cropped image where I rotated the photo so the bluff escarpment is upright. It looks right to me."

Harry Moore - Geologist SPSR




Some of these images forwarded to me by John Levasseur of Mars Artifacts and Jill England
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