Palermo's Martian Anomalies • A Study of MOC Flow Images


This is a rare occurence! - A lighter flow overlapping a darker one. The dynamics of this may help to determine the composition and characteristics of both dark and light flows.

Efrain Palermo

A close up with the brightness/contrast tweaked.

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The following are comments from Richard Hoagland about the above image:

"The "lighter" stream of material in this case is clearly an avalanche of the surrounding "grey" material, triggered by the second dark stream issuing from the upper right. Where this dark stream met the other one (coming from the left), a landslide was initiated ... which proceeded to cascade down the slope, covering some of the first dark "flow." About the only thing this does prove is that when two dark streams come together, the ground is weakened enough (saturated by the water?) to reduce internal friction to where a local avalanche occurs."

"This image simply proves that the dark "stains" are really FLUIDS (water, or "something else"), capable of sufficiently saturating dry ground (NOT "dust") to the point of triggering an avalanche on a relatively steep slope." Richard Hoagland.

All Mars Orbiter Camera images are used courtesy of Malin Space Science Systems. Pursuant to the Image Use Policy , all original imaging credit is given to NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems.