Palermo's Martian Anomalies • A Study of MOC Overlapping Flow Images



Boxes show same areas for comparisons.

m0802096 is located at Latitude 25.40 Longitude 144.47, Resolution 3.57 meter/pixel.

sp253705 is located at Latitude 25.36 Longitude 144.42, Resolution 4.68 meter/pixel.

These are close enough to overlap in some areas as well as having comparable resolutions, angles, etc.

(As soon as I get the date data I will include it)

Mike Sweeney found this pair of overlapping images

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The two areas chosen for comparisons show new and changing seepages. The resolutions are close, the lighting is a little different and even with the contrast difference it is evident there is some change occurring.
All Mars Orbiter Camera images are used courtesy of Malin Space Science Systems. Pursuant to the Image Use Policy , all original imaging credit is given to NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems.