I was present at the Hoagland seminar in New Mexico and had a great time meeting my other fellow Mars enthusiasts as well as meeting Richard. There will be a DVD coming out from the Enterprise Mission site I would recommend getting that DVD to get the full info of all that went on at the seminar.

Richard Hoagland presented my stains work well and gave me lots of validation for my research and the part it played in his Mars Tidal Theory. I sat in the panel on stage towards the end but had to leave shortly because of flight schedules but was able to say a few words about my work, etc.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Here is a .mp3 of Richard Hoagland on Art Bell talking about the stains of mars.

Efrain Palermo


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Left to right: Grant Nelson, Gary Leggiere, Efrain.

Image courtesy TJ Keene

Panelists: Efrain, Gary, Dr. Livingston. Ken Johnston and Steve Troy

Image courtesy Steve Troy


Image courtesy Steve Troy


Image courtesy Steve Troy