What are ice spikes? They are spikes that extend out from frozen water and can occasionally be found in the ice tray in your freezer. They are formed when water freezes at different levels in a constrained space, like an ice cube tray. Water freezes from the top down and under certain conditions can 'tunnel' through the surface creating a spike. (Images above left)

However the exact conditions are unknown and they occur randomly...or do they?

The idea came to me some years ago when I mentioned that I saw an ice spike to a friend. Shortly after that she found one in her freezer and she had never seen one before. It occurred to me that talking about it to someone who never experienced one before could create the potential for an ice spike to occur.

During that time I saw the movie, 'What the Bleep Do We Know.' One of the segments in the movie profiled Dr. Masaru Emoto and his research into how emotional states can influence the shapes of water ice crystals. (Image above right)

As an experiment, I found someone else who had never seen or heard of ice spikes. A few weeks later that person found one in an ice tray. I repeated this experiment over a dozen times with the same results. Sometimes it would take a month or so, other times it would happen the next day.

I wanted to be as 'scientific' as possible and used different types of water, i.e.,, distilled water, hot water, filtered water, tap water, and various brands of bottled water. They all had the same results - absolutely random. I would also keep track of where in the fridge I put the ice tray, all in an effort to try and physically duplicate ice spike creation. Another thing to note is that an ice spike may occur in only one ice cube section, even though the entire tray has the same water.

THEORY: My theory is that ice spike creation is an extremely delicate occurrence at the molecular level. It does occur naturally but it can also be influenced by thoughts or a mental wavelength.

EXPERIMENT: If you are reading this, you are already part of the experiment. My theory is that just by talking about this to someone or just reading about it can influence the creation of ice spikes. Ask yourself this question: Have you ever seen an ice spike before? If so, when was the last time you did? If you did see one in the past, would you remember if you did? If you are positive you have never seen one ever before or heard of it, think about it the next time you fill an ice tray. If you did see one before, note the time between occurences and see if it increases.

PROOF: What does this prove? It would prove that thought can influence matter at a molecular level. The controls for this experiment are as follows, a) someone who had never seen an ice spike sees one after being told about it and b) if someone had seen one before, the occurrence rate will increase after being told about it.

DUPLICATION: The results of any scientific experiment is confirmed by duplication. In other words, if one is able to create ice spikes at will then this would validate the thought creation hypothesis of a seemingly random, physical event.

DATA COLLECTION: If you would like to take part in this experiment, you can email pictures of your ice spikes and information such as; how long did it take an ice spike to first form for you? What were the physical properties involved? (type of water, ice tray etc) and email them to: icespikes@palermoproject.com

I will compile the results and create a web page with the tabulated data.

Thank you

Efrain Palermo

Ice Spike News:

I started a web page to document my ice spike sightings ice_spike_pics.html