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The spiral formed from Fibonacci's mathematical sequence is evident is nature from the very small to the largest structures in the universe -galaxies. I included some examples of the spiral in the painting; a spiral galaxy, a hurricane and a red cabbage which exhibits that pattern when it is sliced in half. After I was done with the carving I noticed I had seven distinct swirls which made me think of the seven chakras which Indian mystics identified as energy centers in the body. The Sanskrit definition of chakra is spinning wheel, which was an interesting coincidence. The chakras have colors associated with them that I used as a guide for my color selection. Interestingly, the color for the bottom chakra is red. Going with that theme the yellow/orange braided section on the right represents the Kundalini Serpent as it coils itself at the base of the spine.

Fibonacci's Dream: 39" x 37" x 1 1/2". Mixed media - Bent wood frame, plaster of Paris sculpture painted with oil paint.

Available for sale, commissions accepted.

Definition links:

Fibonacci sequence


Kundalini Serpent


Finished sculpture before painting

Building the frame by gluing and clamping steamed 1/8" strips of wood.

Attaching the frame to the backing. I drew out the geometric squares and the arc of the Fibonacci spiral