Rome 2008

Visiting Mt. St. Helens with my daughter Renee

I thought if I made clones of myself I would get more work done, but noooo!

Working on my Mars paper 2001

Roofing job

Efrain Home Page

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Giving a talk At Stanford

At the New Mexico Richard Hoagland Conference

Talking at the National Space Society

Martial Arts clip tournament

Renee posing with statue in Pioneer Square Park, Portland, Or

Me and my daughter Renee. Portland, Oct. 2005

Clearwater Beach, Clearwater Florida

Picture taken as part of a filmed interview for a Russian

documentary on the mysteries of Mars

Click for larger image. Picture taken by Eliot Westergaard. May 2012

My home made sun projector to view the Venus transit of June 5, 2012. The black dot in the sun is Venus.